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Love Classifieds Singles’ Party 2 July 5, 2008

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Date : 5th July 2008

Event : Love Classifieds Singles’ Party

Venue: Michaelangelo’s Italian Kitchen @ Sunway Pyramid

This has been quite the busy weekend for lil ol’ me. On Saturday, the RedFM DJs and I all made our way to Sunway Pyramid for the Love Classifieds Singles Party held at Michaelangelo’s Italian Kitchen. Mind you, I haven’t been to Sunway Pyramid for yonks and going there on a weekend and looking for parking is a b****. Alison and JD told me it took them ½ an hour to find parking. Luckily for me, it took me all of 5 mins of arriving to find myself a sweet spot right near the entrance to the mall near McD’s, which is where JD found me so we both walked to the other end of the mall to the restaurant cos I had no idea where it was and he did.

When we arrived, we found that all the participants had arrived and Aly, JD & I were the final three. Shaz, Terry, Nisha and Jeremy were already there. So I made my way round to say hello and introduce myself to all the singles and found to my surprise that an ex-colleague of mine, Evelyn, was one of them as well as Hubert, a friend-of-a-friend. Shaz also was pleasantly surprised to see her ex-colleague there & JD was shocked when one of the single guys clapped him on the back – turns out he was an ex-classmate. As well as for newbie RedFM DJ, Jeremy, who was attending his very first Love Classifieds (this being the 2nd event held), he found himself in the awkward position of having to make nice to the mum of a girl he once dated. Small world.

So with all the niceties set aside, it was time to eat. The restaurant had cordoned off the back section of their premises to facilitate the event and one corner of the room was dedicated to the little spread they had prepared which consisted mainly of finger-food : bruschetta (very nice), bite-sized sandwiches (salmon, chicken slice, egg, avocado with pesto), popiahs (VERY nice), samosas and for dessert, bread pudding with custard sauce. Being me, I myself had two helpings of everything.

Once everyone was done eating, Nisha, being the Love Classifieds hostess, stepped up to the plate to let everyone know that the Speed Dating session. There were 17 ladies who turned up but only 14 gentlemen. So DJs Terry, JD and Jeremy were roped in to even out the numbers. Since there were enough women, I and Alison didn’t have to fill in the way we did the last time.

So Nisha and our PM, Tim, explained the rules of the game. Basically, each couple gets 3 minutes to find out about the other person and once their time is up, the men get up and move on to the next person. Everyone were given only numbers, not names, and score sheets to fill up. And each time the 3 minutes were up, Nish would ring a bell to get everyone to shuffle. The aim of the game at the end of the day is to help pair up 2 people who both tick ‘YES’ for each other and get them to exchange e-mail addresses and send them out on a date. What happened in the last event was even better. Though nobody discovered their new-found love in the event, the singles ended up forming their own little group and organising get-togethers of their own ! Which is really cool, kan ?

Anyhoo, looking around at that day’s event, you could see that everyone was genuinely having a good time and there were smiles all around and everyone was chatting away comfortably. Once all 17 couples were done with the rounds, it was time for a big group photo session and here is the result :

Next on the agenda was something that I personally was looking forward to – The Treasure Hunt. One of the girls had to leave so I ended up filling in for her and I was paired up with a loyal RedFM listener of ours, Dalbir. Coincidentally, his green shirt matched my green and blue dress ! So anyway, we were all asked to follow Nisha and the RedFM crew (Jack, Cindy, Shen Yan, Puiyan & Willie) to another section of Sunway Pyramid where a little stage was already set-up and also served as the starting point for the Hunt.

Nisha, who looked positively radiant in her brown handkerchief dress, as I called it, explained that we all had to pair up, go to all the 20 outlets listed on the sheet given us and get them to put their stamp on the boxes which was printed out on another piece of paper. And we all had to do it in 30 minutes or less. Anyone who exceeds the time limit will be disqualified.

I tell you, as soon as she said the word ‘GO !’, everyone ran helter-skelter into the shopping mall. At one point, I was so fed up because I couldn’t run as fast in my heels, that I took them off and carried them with me while I ran barefoot in and around the mall. I tell you, those weekly 2 hour walks in the park helped a lot. Poor Dalbir though seemed out of breath trying to catch up with me.

Trying to strategise, we thought we’d cover the top floors and make our way down. We just didn’t realise how huge Sunway Pyramid had now become what with the additional New Wing attached to it. We ended up running from one end of the wing to the other and even had to go outside the building itself to get stamps from outlets like Ole Ole Bali and such. Managed to spot Al-Ikhsan and TGI Friday’s well enough but we couldn’t for the life of us find the Yokoman outlet. Looking at the Information Directory, it seemed pretty near and on the same floor, but there were initials next to the outlet number, ‘AV’, that we couldn’t figure out what they meant until Jeremy told me much later. Turns out AV meant Asian Venue. And the whole time Dalbir and I kept on going past it. If only we had decided to venture into that area, we would’ve seen the japanese ice-cream outlet. Oh well.

We ran back downstairs to try to get to the other outlets. Along the way, we saw a few of the other contestants and we even ran past JD and his partner, Evelyn (yes, the ex-colleague). Dalbir and I asked all sorts of people on where each of the outlets were located : the information desk, the cleaning lady, security, the outlet staff..

By the time Dalbir and I found ourselves at one of the lower levels, we had lost track of time. So I decided to call Nish and find out exactly how much time we had left. “29 mins and 36 seconds !!!” she cried. We had less than a minute to go. At that point I knew that by the time we came back to the starting point, we’d be over the time limit and would’ve been disqualified. As was Jeremy and his partner who we bumped into on the same floor. (That’s a lotta ‘times’ in one paragraph). And we were still scrambling to find the outlets and get their stamps. Jerry, our Music Exec, was busy trying to chase after all of us with the videocam. Can’t wait to see what that looks like.

We finally made our way back to the stage and handed in our papers. Unfortunately, we just didn’t have time to go and get all of the boxes stamped. Anyway, we were disqualified. Turns out only 3 other teams managed to make it in time. It was extremely hot outside and everyone was sweating. My makeup was melting. Ugh. After 15 minutes or so of waiting for the rest of the teams to come back, Nisha decided to go ahead and proceed with announcing the winners.

Third place winners ! Won RM500 worth of OSIM cash vouchers!

Second place winners ! Won RM1000 worth of OSIM cash vouchers!

First place winners who got to walk away with RM3000 worth of OSIM cash vouchers!


Terry and his partner strolled in soon after nicely eating Yokoman ice-creams.

Just before we wrapped things up, Jerry took video testimonials from each of the participants to share what they thought of the event. We also had more group pics taken. Unfortunately for JD, he and Evelyn didn’t come back in time to be able to be featured in those pics. Tough luck, guys. Shaz also had to leave early before the Treasure Hunt to get back to her kids and Will had a family matter to attend to that day as well. Audrey also couldn’t make it so you won’t find them in the shots, sadly.

After a fun and fruitful day, we said our goodbyes to the listeners and headed to Cafe Flam to unwind. ‘We’ being Nisha, Aly, Terry, Jeremy, Tim, Jerry, Kah-Wai, Shen Yan, JD, Dalbir and I. We were served oysters. Terry and I aren’t oyster fans but I decided to try one. Not too bad. And me not being a drinker, I opted for a mocktail. JD was still on meds so he chose a chocolate milkshake and Kah-Wai, our designated photographer for the day, chose the OREO’s milkshake. Yum. Shen Yan had orange juice and the rest decided to go the easy way… BEER !

Our 19 year old intern, Shen Yan, who we’ve decided to rename Bridget because she’s so cute and has a British accent, had to go back so Jerry had to send her back. Some time after, JD and I decided to make a move at the same time as well – him, because he was feeling spacy from all the meds he was taking and me because I was feeling tired and had to go back and sleep early for my jungle trekking trip the next morning. But that’s another story….

Have to say though, Love Classifieds seems to be getting better and better. Well done Nisha and the rest of the team members who put it together. Great job, you guys ! Can’t wait for the next one !!


12 Responses to “Love Classifieds Singles’ Party 2”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Wow! nice party but unfortunately i can’t take part on the party because i never listen to “Love Songs from 8-10pm” because during the show playing too much of the 80’s&early 90’s love songs..very boring!

  2. Lina Says:

    Dilly,i like all the photos that you posted here especially this section photos from Love Classified..just one request…can you remove your PM,Uncle T photo…when i take a look at his face…automatically i will think of all those 80’s..all those retro songs…it’s a nightmare for me…

  3. LiPing Says:

    Sigh….i dunno why they don’t like the 80’s songs….well, you can’t satisfy everyone…

  4. Dilly Says:


    Too bad you don’t listen, girl. Love Classified’s IS fun. And our next venue is going to be at the Sheraton Hotel, Subang.


    Haha! No of course I’m not going to change his pic! My only solution for you is, if you don’t like, don’t see lah! But hey I’m glad you like the rest of the pics. There’ll be more, trust me!

    Li Ping,

    My thoughts exactly!!!! (Which is why I’m not fazed by such comments because we have more listeners who call us or sms us telling us how much they love the retro stuff and ask us to play more. )

  5. Sandy Says:

    Dilly, i disagree with you,you always said that a lots of phone calls&sms telling you that how much they love the 80’s…..is it true or not?that i don’t know,only you guys at studio will know…or may be your PM forced you to say so since he is quite stubborn,don’t want to change the format although the listenership dropped…
    all i have to say,a lots of peoples outthere who didn’t call up or sms in that doesn’t mean that they can accept the 80s concept…i think the AC Nielsen results is the best proof that the 80s concept is the failure for Red FM…
    Yes,give me five,Lina…i am 100% agree with you that the PM photo should be removed since he failed to raise the listenership of Red FM..& i think he should step down as the PM since he failed to raise the listenership of Red for the past 2 years& still counting…
    Don’t be mad,Dilly..it just my comments & i still love you as a DJ although i did not listen to Red..:)

  6. Sammy Says:

    Dilly,what’s wrong on with JD?why he is so obssesed with himself…he always said that he is so gorgeous lah…so handsome lah…blah..blah..in fact, where got handsome,gorgeous?…i think i have to agree with Nisha & Terry that he looks like an alien…hehehe.
    and you know what?dilly, not only him(JD) know the handphone number of Gavin Rossdale…in fact,Brad Pitt always call me up& ask me for the advice when he was with Jennifer Anniston…i am just kidding
    hahaha…Dilly,that day you said that you smacked JD when you enter the studio…how dare you?hehehe…i think you should smack him a couple of times so that he will get back to normal with no more Gavin Rossdale handphone number…hehehe..i am just kidding 🙂

  7. Sammy Says:

    Dilly,nak request…boleh i minta lagu daripada a1 called ‘caught In the middle’…actually this song is in the playlist if i am not mistake,Dilly…hehehe:)

  8. Sammy Says:

    oh! yes,Dilly ..talking about Tasmin Archer “sleeping Satelite”…have you catch the music video yet?…the music video is so fantasy.. the stars falls from the sky…i love it!

  9. BB Says:

    80`s still rock no matter what ppls say, call me ol timer, but i do rave n trance music too, does that considers me as an ol timer?? well, its up to u

    haiya, ppls say, picture say 1001 words without saying it, we have choiceswhen we see a picture, we describe it to what we feel about it, well, its up to u if u wanna write 1001 words about it, maybe others do when u don`t

    80`S ROCKKK!!!!!

    btw, can i still join the next one ah??? looks like fun

  10. Dilly Says:

    Thanks guys for taking time out to read my humble lil articles and leaving your two cents worth, regardless of whether I agree with them or not. Yes, Sammy, it seems we do have that ‘Caught in the Middle’ song and I’ll be sure to mention you if we play it on my belt. ‘Sleeping Satellite’ – beautiful song, beautiful video.

    Remember guys, although I do check in from time to time into my WordPress, I’m now switching to Blogspot (dillyshakir.blogspot.com) so please leave your comments there instead, yah?

    Thanks y’all!

  11. mr c Says:

    juvenile idiots!

    do you think the program director’s father owns the station?

    try asking ANY of the other program directors, if they have the power to decide the station’s musical format of direction.

    you don’t know an idiot – till they open their mouths.

    keep up the good work dilly

  12. Dilly Says:

    THANK you!!

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