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Fuel rebate – at last! July 10, 2008

Filed under: A Dose of Dilly — Dilly @ 11:44 pm

After my ordeal last week at the post office, it was not without some feeling of apprehension and dread that I decided to make one more attempt and make my way to the post office to fulfill my unsuccessful mission of acquiring my fuel rebate.

After an amazing 4 minute wait and a process that took all of 2 minutes, I finally received it. In cash. All RM625 of it. Which I promptly used to pay off my ever mounting credit card bill. Surprisingly, there were hardly any people around when I arrived at the Ikano post office today – past noon, some more. I thought I’d have to go through another round of killing time. But the gods smiled upon me today.

All I had to do was fill up the rebate form – very easy and if you don’t know how, samples are and should be available for you as a guide. At the counter, I had to produce my IC, leave a thumbprint (left side) and sign. And that was it.

Ok. I’m happy.


One Response to “Fuel rebate – at last!”

  1. en_me Says:

    yes, i went there, did that..

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