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I’m moving! July 13, 2008

Filed under: A Dose of Dilly — Dilly @ 7:24 pm

Heads up!

I’m in the midst of transferring my WordPress posts over to Blogspot.

Bear with me while I find my way through Blogspot, though. It’s like a whole new ballgame lah! And I’m not happy with my current theme so that’s going to change for sure.

Anyways, you may need to update your bookmarks if any.

Tiang kayu!


5 Responses to “I’m moving!”

  1. LiPing Says:

    Dilly, any reason why you want to move to blogspot?

  2. BB Says:

    my point of view, ur current page looks quite nice actually, maintain lah, lol

  3. Dilly Says:

    Li Ping,

    Oh.. was given a list of reasons why Blogspot is better, etc so I thought I’d try it out. 🙂


    I agree. I think my WordPress blog theme looks better than the Blogspot one which is why I’m still trying to find the ‘perfect’ theme/template for it. Takes a bit of work though. Will most likely slowly phase out the WP one anyways…

  4. LiPing Says:

    Hi Dilly, I agree with BB. I think your WordPress blog looks way better than your Blogspot. I dont really fancy blogs with scattered ads all over the page. Anyway, this is just my opinion…will continue to read your blogs, though.
    Btw, i can’t seem to leave any comment on your Blogspot. It seems like if i do not have a blogger/google acct, i am unable to leave any. The OpenID doesn’t seem to work either. Did i miss any steps? teach me, please…

  5. Dilly Says:

    Yah, my current theme for WordPress is more ‘me’, so to speak and I’m having a heck of a time trying to get used to the way Blogspot works. That’s why the posts look a little off and the pics aren’t where they’re supposed to be. Still, one of my friends said it took her months to familiarise herself with it so I shall try to prevail. Don’t want to give up before trying, you know?

    I’ll still keep and update the WordPress one though.. u know… just in case? 😉

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